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About Us

Our products are made of denim fabric that stand out from the contemporary denim in terms of the innovative technique that has been employed to craft it while keeping its key denim characteristics. This innovative technique results from a stroke of genius which has been developed after countless experiments conducted over the years to master the process of making denim.

We offer a unique range of accessories and clothing handmade by the finest craftsmen employing innovative techniques in augmenting the aesthetics of denim fabric while retaining its evergreen characteristics which has made denim stand out from all other fabrics since its inception.

Our Story

Roaming in the hustle bustle of the narrow alleys in Orangi town, founder Rida came across various craftsmen and their beautiful handmade creations. Awestruck by the mastery of handicraft of these craftsmen she realized about the huge potential this local industry could have for catering the local and international market and thus this experience proved to be the foundation stone of Weft and Warp.

The company originated when Rida during her time in a professional textile sector, was inspired by the huge potential of innovation that Pakistani textile industries are capable of. In order to fulfill this potential she embarked on a journey of rigorous experimentations and explorations for the finest craftsmen that were capable of materializing the innovation that she had in mind.

What makes us Unique

Weft and Warp boasts one of a kind product line owing to the intricacy and details that have been incorporated by us in its handwoven design starting right from the procurement of the finest raw cotton to the finished product employing innovative dyeing techniques like 'Ikat'. Moreover our products are made with 100% all natural products including our fabric, packaging and a zero emissions crafting process from which our products are made which makes us eco friendly denim brand too. We have also made sure that the classy aesthetics of denim are complemented by leather giving our products a classy finishing touch of elegance and all of this has been done while ensuring that the key characteristics of denim are retained.